1. The first step is an initial email or phone call to discuss your therapy needs and the best speech therapy option(s) for your child as well as to discuss scheduling and payment/insurance options. At this time, we are accepting new clients. Please call us at 206-372-5490 or email us at John@SocialSkillsLab.com to begin this process.

  2. Once we determine a good fit, the Social Skills Laboratory will send you our initial intake paperwork packet via email. It is also necessary that we receive any past speech and language-related evaluations or diagnostic evaluations about your student. If you will be asking us to bill Premera insurance, we will also need a copy of your insurance card prior to beginning therapy. If you are interested in joining a peer/friendship group, an initial in-person intake meeting with you and your child (free of charge) will also be scheduled.

  3. Speech therapy sessions begin! Sessions are held either within your own home environment or via an online video-conferencing program such as Skype depending on the therapy need and family preference. Some public settings (e.g. libraries) are also available for therapy sessions if preferred. In some cases, a speech and language evaluation will also be required before beginning therapy sessions.