Individual Speech Therapy Sessions:
Individual sessions are 50 minute or 30 minute 1:1 sessions held within the family's own home environment or online - costs include the therapist travel time. Summary notes after each session will be provided.

Cost includes: A complimentary, no-commitment initial phone or in-person consultation to discuss individual speech therapy options.

Cost: $135/per 50 minute therapy session or $90/per 30 minute therapy session. Each successful referral you make qualifies you for a free individual speech therapy session.

Autism Screening/Consultation Sessions:  
Autism Screening/Consultation Sessions are 75 minute sessions held within the family's own environment. The cost includes therapist observation of the child and a parent interview. Additionally, the cost includes discussion around potential autism "red flags," recommended next steps for the family, lists of community resources as well as helpful strategies for best supporting the child's individual needs. *Please note, this is not the same as clinical diagnostic testing and will not qualify your child with a diagnosis of autism* 

Cost: $150 per 75 minute initial screening/consultation.

Social Skills Group Facilitation:
Social skills groups are 60 minute group sessions hosted within family's home environments with groups of 2-6 students. Brief group summary notes/take-home practice activities will be provided after each social group session.

Cost: Varies (depends on number of group participants). Inquire for more details.

 Payments can be made via Square, Paypal, Venmo, Chase Quick Pay or personal check. Individual speech therapy session payments are due within 24 hours following the session. Please contact us to discuss alternative payment options.  

Cancellation policy:
There is no charge for canceling or rescheduling individual speech therapy sessions, provided notice is given before the therapist has left for your home visit. After this time, a $35 late cancellation charge will be applied.

At this time, the Social Skills Laboratory does not directly bill insurance nor are we contracted with any specific insurance companies. However, we are happy to provide families with a detailed receipt/invoice of each therapy session (with billing codes, type of session, session cost, date of service, etc.) that you may then submit to your own insurance company for potential reimbursement. We cannot provide any guarantee of any kind of insurance reimbursement, so please speak with your insurance company prior to beginning speech therapy services. Furthermore, our private pay costs are significantly lower than many other similar therapy options in the area - particularly when you consider the convenience of our home visits. Please contact us with additional pricing or billing questions.